Cry Cameroon USA

Started by Founder Valentin Mbong in 2006: Cry Cameroon USA is the US based California Nonprofit and IRS 501(c)3 organization that raises money for and oversees/operates Harvest Children's Home in Cameroon along with supporting other good works in that country. Cry Cameroon at times has supported work with the blind in Douala, the Baptist Evangelical Seminary of Theology, local medical dispensaries and more. 

Our mission is: Redeeming orphaned children and supporting ongoing Christian ministries in Cameroon.

Our Vision is to: Provide residential orphan care including physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual care and support ongoing Christian ministries by training pastors and Christian leaders, offering vocational training, facilitating volunteer opportunities, and initiating community networking.

Cry Cameroon also does business as Harvest Children's Homes (plural). So, Cry Cameroon and Harvest Children's Homes are synonymous. Harvest Children's Home (singular) refers to the orphanage(s) in Cameroon.

Cry Cameroon dba Harvest Children's Homes currently has an orphanage in Fundong, Cameroon and has purchased land in Mbankomo, Cameroon to build a second Harvest Children's Home.

Cry Cameroon USA dba Harvest Children's Homes is an IRS 501(c)3 170 Public Charity