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The incredible staff at Harvest Children’s Home (HCH) are carefully chosen and really set the tone for the home. Their love for Jesus Christ spills over into how they raise this super-sized family. These children, who could just as well be out in the streets, will now grow up with fond memories of their “home” and “parents” like many of us. Our staff is a huge key to our orphan's success.

This compassionate team ensures that these precious ones are nurtured, safe and have the basics of life in a loving environment.  HCH provides 6480 meals for the children every month. In addition, HCH and the staff provides room and board, shower and toilet facilities (Cameroon standards), good water, health care, worship and devotionals, appropriate discipline and are taught necessary life skills and lessons. They also go the extra mile to give individual attention and guidance to the kids, based on their personal development.  Though nothing can replace a child’s parents and family home, the hard work and sacrifice of the HCH team truly gives these orphans a new family, a new hope and a new future.

HCH Director

Ngang Eunice Bih

Eunice is our Director. She has been at HCH since January 1, 2017. She has brought about some very good changes at HCH and has brought the staff together as a team working for a common good.

She has 3 grown children.

Manager Bursar

Emmanuel Ngala

Emmanuel Ngala built HCH, and is the Facilities Manager and a great male role model for the kids. He has been a part of HCH since March 2003.

He is married with 3 children (and 1 son-in-law) and 2 grandchildren. 

Information and Public Relations Coordinator

Emmanuel Ful

Emmanuel Ful is the Information and Public Relations Coordinator.  He has been part of HCH since March 2003.

He is married with 5 children and 1 grandchild. 


Rev. Ndimbu David Fointsi

David is our Comptroller and started working for HCH on March 1, 2019. David has had a long history of working with HCH personally and through JMBC, the church that he leads as Pastor.

David is married and has 4 children.

Visiting Nurse

Kuo Nsom Helen

Kuo Nsom Helen (Helen) is a state registered nurse with the government of Cameroon. She has a passion for orphans and children. She comes to HCH twice a week to check on the children and to instruct Victorine, our resident nurse. Helen has been working with HCH since June 2013.


Ful Victorine Ndosah

Victorine is our full time onsite nurse. She has been with HCH since May of 2017.

She is married with 5 children.


Nkain Antalia Neng

Antalia is one of our wonderful Matrons as well as our Chaplain. She started working at HCH on May 1, 2016.

Antalia is married and has 7 children.


Rose Nagouh

Rose is one of our wonderful Matrons. She started working at HCH on March 15, 2021.

Rose has 3 children.


Abongha Angeline

Angeline is one of our 2 cooks. She has been with HCH since July of 2017.


Faith Kehtain Ambe

Faith Kehtain Ambe (Faith) is one of the 2 cooks at HCH. Faith loves to sing Christian songs and likes to learn and grow daily. Faith is our newest employee starting January 3, 2023.

Faith is married with 6 children.

Day Watch and Handyman

Timothy Nsom Suh

Timothy Nsom Siih is the handy-man and Day Watchman at HCH. He has been with HCH since June 2012. He helps out around the facility where needed and is often found interacting with the children. He’s a great male role model for the children as well as being a deacon in his church.

Timothy is married with 6 children. 

Night Watch

Fointama Damion Mushi

Damain is our Night Watchman. He started working at HCH June 6, 2016. 

Damain is married and has 5 daughters.

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