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Harvest Children’s Home began in 1992 as a feeding station for desperate orphaned children. Rev Valentin Mbong worked with local church and community leaders to provide meals for these vulnerable children and establish an emergency foster home program.

In 1996 a traditional Cameroon home was built for the 30 most desperate children where their needs could be met with close supervision.

Following an outpouring of God’s financial blessing in 2004, through Cry Cameroon USA, the construction of Harvest Children’s Home began on ¾ of an acre graciously donated by Salem Baptist Church of Fundong, Cameroon.

Through the amazing generosity of Harvest Chapel Church in Richmond, CA, World Orphans in Colorado and a host of compassionate friends, Harvest Children’s Home was completed in July of 2005. 

When the doors opened, the 30 original orphans were joined by 30 more the following week. For these kids, it was the start of a new and better life story - a dream come true.

In 2007, the Cameroon government recognized Harvest Children’s Home and officially endorsed it as an exemplary facility and safe place for orphans.

Since its inception, Harvest Children's Home has helped over 150 orphans find a new family, a new hope, and a new future. We hope and pray that there are many more Homes to come – and you can be part of it!

Cry Cameroon USA dba Harvest Children's Homes is an IRS 501(c)3 170 Public Charity